Thursday, February 7, 2013

When will you be a man of human society?

I am tired and tired ever before – again and again

But I couldn’t able to see the man of human society,

Riot and massacre I can count long on religion and caste,

1984 anti-sikh riot, 1987 hasimpura massacre, 1989 Kashmiri hindus, 1993 Bombay riots,2002 godra train and Gujarat violence.

The modern India time line pervade with riots and massacre,

Still my history teacher teaching for long time – the secular India

The politician triggered the events none of them behind the bars – The democratic India

The democracy died before it ossify in this society,  

I try hard to find the man of human society,  

I collect wood on my earth to cremate the religion and caste I belong – after funeral

I find the man of civic who care for human society,

I find the man of destiny, who shakes the decayed legislature,

I find the humans, who unite their strength for poor,

My mother told after death you will miss the heaven,

But I believe we can bring heaven while we live here.

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